My Little Masquerade: Friendship is [Blood] Magic


Hmm? What is that? It’s so….noisy.
I don’t like those noises. I don’t like those flashing lights. You better stay away flashing lights and noise.

The cop cars pull up in front of the Hair’s Breath Luxury Apartments complex. Men start getting out, examining the bodies, questioning anyone in the area. A small crowd has formed around the area.

The noise is gone. The lights are not. Little men should leave. GO. AWAY.

The police hear loud barking as they begin their investigation. Nothing out of the ordinary. There are dogs all over the place. The EMT finally arrives. The heavy stuff aught to be on it’s way now. Not that it really matters. Whoever did this is long gone.

WHAT!? More little men!? I said LEAVE!!

The police officers hear a loud howl, a booming bark, and suddenly find themselves confronted by the single largest, scariest dog they’ve ever seen. It looks to have once been a Mastiff hound but now….it looks more like a thing from nightmares. It sits crouching low to the ground several feet away, growling with a deep menacing timbre. Several people in the crowd have disappeared, fleeing the moment the hound was in sight.
“What the fuck is that thing?” An officer says as they all back up, pistols drawn
Suddenly the dog starts barking with a force that hurts all their ears. Johnson, the rookie, screams and opens fire.
“What the fuck, Johnson!”
A bullet finally connects with the dog.



“I’m standing here off the corner of Sequin avenue where all out war seems to have broken out. It seems some…creature has gotten lose and is tearing apart anything and everyone on the street.”
Gunfire, almost constant, plays in the background. Torn apart bodies lay everywhere. There is a police car, turned over on what looks like it’s original driver. The other car sits, wheels spinning, halfway through the wall of a two story building.
“Police are currently attempting to contain the situation, although..” The reporters voice quivers "..Although casualties continue to increase.
You hear a screaming, followed by a maimed man falling from the sky, mere feet away from the reporter.
“Oh Jesus fuck!”
Down the road, a monstrous beast covered in spikes and blood rampages across the street, taking bullets and tearing men apart.
“I-i-it ap-p-pears that the beast sh-shows no signs of slowing. I-i-i don’t know if..OH! Hold on a moment.” The reporter seems to e listenning to an earpiece. After a few seconds he smiles. “I think the Swat has just about arrived to take care of the situation! Lets take a closer look”
The reporter begins running toward the end of the street, keeping close to the buildings as the camera shakily follows. First the reporter, then the camera look around the corner to see the ‘Dog’ mauling a few hapless civilians. However, the camera focuses and a couple of blocks down the street two Swat trucks head toward the carnage.
“Heh he, yes, i believe the situation is about to be handled right now-”
As the reporter says this, you see the dog notice the Swat cars incoming. It growls, barrels towards the first in the line. As the Swat car seems to attempt to brake to avoid hitting the monstrous thing, it suddenly gains a burst of speed, sidesteps around the car, and smashes straight through the side of the car.
“I…I…Oh dear god…”
The reporter looks away and begins muttering to himself. As the first Swat car rolls and tumbles in a screaming fiery death trap, the monster snarls and turns to the now stopped second truck, as Swat men stream out of it. With a feral bellow It dives forward to destroy the newcomers. Deafening gunfire blazes out, tearing the monsters flesh from it’s bones, though it moves forward. Finally, it goes down, breathing heavily. The Swat men slowly advance on it as it lays there. Suddenly it’s jaws lunge out, taking the nearest screaming man in a bone crushing grip. The entire troop opens fire.
The reporter doesn’t even look, he just stands there, rocking gently.
“Hey, hey Stephen, dude! You’re still on air!”
The reporter finally snaps out of his daze and looks back at the scene.
“Welp….seems what’s left of ’em took out the bastard.” He looks around at all the carnage and smiles at the camera. “it seems EVERYTHING is under control now. I’m sure we’ll find out more about what that thing was and where it came from, but for now, I’m Stephen Dawken with Channel 7 News. Good night.” He rips his earpiece out and walks off camera. “And god help us all..”



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