My Little Masquerade: Friendship is [Blood] Magic

Three Nights

Alex: Alex discovered that he was NOT, in fact dead yet and indeed met a friend. Sadly his new friend wasn’t as much a fan of Terry as Alex was, so Alex had to say goodbye. Luckily he found another friend, whom he immediately fell in love with, who taught him that he shouldn’t fear the dark. Or maybe he should fear it more. Eventually he made it back home, having learned a valuable lesson about the magic of friendship.

Adam: Friends were made, both scary and adventurous. A new friend realized his love for Adam, and they both worked together to break an old friend’s toys, after which the new friend was left at the house of his newest teacher.

Brian: A new friend(maybe) thew a book at him(not maybe), mistakes were made, and Brian learned just what it means to fall in with the “wrong crowd”. Who knows what’s happened to him now, but it can’t be anything good.

Vadoma: Where the hell did she even go?

Kazimir: Calls were made and much rejection was had. An ancient enemy attacked, toys were broken, bones were splintered and all that made him feel secure was dashed away. Though believed to be dead, even by himself, he awakens in a ditch with an unfamiliar strength.



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