My Little Masquerade: Friendship is [Blood] Magic


Hmm? What is that? It’s so….noisy.
I don’t like those noises. I don’t like those flashing lights. You better stay away flashing lights and noise.

The cop cars pull up in front of the Hair’s Breath Luxury Apartments complex. Men start getting out, examining the bodies, questioning anyone in the area. A small crowd has formed around the area.

The noise is gone. The lights are not. Little men should leave. GO. AWAY.

The police hear loud barking as they begin their investigation. Nothing out of the ordinary. There are dogs all over the place. The EMT finally arrives. The heavy stuff aught to be on it’s way now. Not that it really matters. Whoever did this is long gone.

WHAT!? More little men!? I said LEAVE!!

The police officers hear a loud howl, a booming bark, and suddenly find themselves confronted by the single largest, scariest dog they’ve ever seen. It looks to have once been a Mastiff hound but now….it looks more like a thing from nightmares. It sits crouching low to the ground several feet away, growling with a deep menacing timbre. Several people in the crowd have disappeared, fleeing the moment the hound was in sight.
“What the fuck is that thing?” An officer says as they all back up, pistols drawn
Suddenly the dog starts barking with a force that hurts all their ears. Johnson, the rookie, screams and opens fire.
“What the fuck, Johnson!”
A bullet finally connects with the dog.



“I’m standing here off the corner of Sequin avenue where all out war seems to have broken out. It seems some…creature has gotten lose and is tearing apart anything and everyone on the street.”
Gunfire, almost constant, plays in the background. Torn apart bodies lay everywhere. There is a police car, turned over on what looks like it’s original driver. The other car sits, wheels spinning, halfway through the wall of a two story building.
“Police are currently attempting to contain the situation, although..” The reporters voice quivers "..Although casualties continue to increase.
You hear a screaming, followed by a maimed man falling from the sky, mere feet away from the reporter.
“Oh Jesus fuck!”
Down the road, a monstrous beast covered in spikes and blood rampages across the street, taking bullets and tearing men apart.
“I-i-it ap-p-pears that the beast sh-shows no signs of slowing. I-i-i don’t know if..OH! Hold on a moment.” The reporter seems to e listenning to an earpiece. After a few seconds he smiles. “I think the Swat has just about arrived to take care of the situation! Lets take a closer look”
The reporter begins running toward the end of the street, keeping close to the buildings as the camera shakily follows. First the reporter, then the camera look around the corner to see the ‘Dog’ mauling a few hapless civilians. However, the camera focuses and a couple of blocks down the street two Swat trucks head toward the carnage.
“Heh he, yes, i believe the situation is about to be handled right now-”
As the reporter says this, you see the dog notice the Swat cars incoming. It growls, barrels towards the first in the line. As the Swat car seems to attempt to brake to avoid hitting the monstrous thing, it suddenly gains a burst of speed, sidesteps around the car, and smashes straight through the side of the car.
“I…I…Oh dear god…”
The reporter looks away and begins muttering to himself. As the first Swat car rolls and tumbles in a screaming fiery death trap, the monster snarls and turns to the now stopped second truck, as Swat men stream out of it. With a feral bellow It dives forward to destroy the newcomers. Deafening gunfire blazes out, tearing the monsters flesh from it’s bones, though it moves forward. Finally, it goes down, breathing heavily. The Swat men slowly advance on it as it lays there. Suddenly it’s jaws lunge out, taking the nearest screaming man in a bone crushing grip. The entire troop opens fire.
The reporter doesn’t even look, he just stands there, rocking gently.
“Hey, hey Stephen, dude! You’re still on air!”
The reporter finally snaps out of his daze and looks back at the scene.
“Welp….seems what’s left of ’em took out the bastard.” He looks around at all the carnage and smiles at the camera. “it seems EVERYTHING is under control now. I’m sure we’ll find out more about what that thing was and where it came from, but for now, I’m Stephen Dawken with Channel 7 News. Good night.” He rips his earpiece out and walks off camera. “And god help us all..”

Musings of a Small Mind #2

Ever notice how OBSESSED the Ventrue are with weakness? Ok bear with me now. Firstly, the Ventrue are primarily involved in political and financial manipulations and plans involving Kine. They do this by use of Dominate, Presence, and their own skills in subterfuge. Their own power is the power of the weakest of the humanoid species! Oh and Dominate? Can only be used on those of higher generation. Only on the weakest. Presence? Used to cow the weak into your thrall. Their only other Discipline is Fortitude, which counteracts the entire kindred species’ weakness to fire and sunlight. It seems less like these guys are petty businessmen and politicians and more like they’re shepherds, herding the weak. Might sound like a fluffing of titles, whatever, but it does call in to question: If the Ventrue clans are shepherds of the weak, then what does that say about their antediluvian?

Three Nights

Alex: Alex discovered that he was NOT, in fact dead yet and indeed met a friend. Sadly his new friend wasn’t as much a fan of Terry as Alex was, so Alex had to say goodbye. Luckily he found another friend, whom he immediately fell in love with, who taught him that he shouldn’t fear the dark. Or maybe he should fear it more. Eventually he made it back home, having learned a valuable lesson about the magic of friendship.

Adam: Friends were made, both scary and adventurous. A new friend realized his love for Adam, and they both worked together to break an old friend’s toys, after which the new friend was left at the house of his newest teacher.

Brian: A new friend(maybe) thew a book at him(not maybe), mistakes were made, and Brian learned just what it means to fall in with the “wrong crowd”. Who knows what’s happened to him now, but it can’t be anything good.

Vadoma: Where the hell did she even go?

Kazimir: Calls were made and much rejection was had. An ancient enemy attacked, toys were broken, bones were splintered and all that made him feel secure was dashed away. Though believed to be dead, even by himself, he awakens in a ditch with an unfamiliar strength.

Sewer Troubles

The next night the party embarks to the sewers. The Nosferatu go one way, and the party go another. After a while of walking down the tunnel, the party is ambushed by a lone Setite soldier.The party swiftly defeats this soldier, however before the final blow can be struck, they are all greeted via intercom by the leader of the Setites, calling herself Neith. After refusing to meet the party at a later time on common ground, insisting that they deal with the issue then and there, Adam becomes impatient and promptly executes the Setite. Neith then bids them farewell and the Setite’s body explodes, followed by the tunnel ceiling. After the dust clears, Kazimir, Adam, Vadoma and Brian end up on the side of the cave in toward their objective, while Alex and his Ghoul Terry, whom had accompanied him, ended up toward the exit.

Alex and Terry headed back the way they came in order to exit the sewers, but Alex found that the tunnels had somehow changed. After following the new path deeper into the sewers, the pair find themselves ambushed by the very same Nosferatu they were supposed to be fighting for, using Obtenebration. A breif struggle broke out, however in the end Alex was staked.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party had found trouble in three Setites. Though the battle was fierce, in the end all but one Setite remained to challenge the party. This unfortunate soul however found himself split by the force of Kazimir’s blow so powerful it broke stone, and disabled the explosive hidden within. After such an impressive display, Neith returned to agree to their offer of a meeting, and so they have one 3 days from then.

Finally leaving the sewers, those of the party still left set off to see to their own machinations, with varying degrees of success.

Of A Small-Minded Muse

why, why, WhY?
They don’t get it, why don’t they get it? It’s so obvious. Blind bats chasing the elephant.
The degenerates have their raft, and the dye jobs have their barbed chairs.
The rabid think they can run away and make friends, and the rabble think if others think like them then they’re okay
The sludge think they’re smarter and cleverer, and the usurpers shouted like a child at the mall in august
The necks want to eliminate the parameters that create the problem
The liars have got it exactly backwards
the sheep have their religion, and the shushers have a code
The fiends think they can escape upwards, and the keepers think they can pull the hole they’ve dug in behind them.

If we’re the only ones who’ve dusted our brains off since we dearly departed, then why’re we the only ones tormented by the cobweb?
It’s a blood thing, right? It’s always a blood thing. They have blood. Why’s this all on us?

I see black wings every night now.

There, that’s it. It’s not the what of blood and the color and the dripping and the heat…
It’s w—

That’s the answer.
But why?

Someone forgot to show their work.

I’m scared.

Musings of a Small Mind #1

One has to wonder why the Lasombra are the only ones to make use of the darkness in a more literal way. Never mind the ACTUAL applications of Obtenebration, how did the other clans not immediately pick it up for it’s POTENTIAL? I mean, sunlight is the most deadly thing to the kindred right? How did these guys not immediately think “Hmmm control darkness? The thing that hides me from firey death? Yeah, i can see that being useful.”? And yes yes, you could say things like, lack of comunication rendered Obtenebration largely unknown for centuries, or that the other clans were too pridefull to ask for a hand. God knows i could believe that last one, but in that case why the fuck weren’t they THEMSELVES developing it? Or at least something close to it. How in the hells did the greatest predators of the night fail to learn to control darkness?

Of Comics and Creeps

On the second night within Apoch, our lovable bunch of monsters go their separate ways to attend to businesses of their own. Adam and Brian go off in search of their errant acquaintance, Alex, in the hopes that they might call upon him for a potential mission. Using his Eyes of Chaos, Adam takes the lead.

Meanwhile, Kazimir and Vadoma attempted to acquire zoning rights for Vadoma’s magic shop, but find that the city already possessed an exclusive contract with another. Upon arriving at said shop, they meet the owner, an extremely eccentric Kindred who seems to know a lot of secrets about the city and, in fact, Vadoma herself and would be willing to trade such knowledge. All she would need is three items….

Finally, Adam’s Eyes of Chaos lead the duo to a particular street just as Alex himself emerges after depositing his most recent captive after feeding on the poor chap. At that same moment an explosion is heard from below, gathering everyone’s attention. Before the group move to investigate a smoking manhole and muffles curses, Vadoma arrives on the scene to aid them and after a near scuffle, the party discover that a Nosferatu awaited them within the sewers. This Nosferatu, Bert, was attempting to disarm some explosives set to kill him and his companions. Jumping at the opportunity, Brian quickly disarms them. Just as Kazimir arrives within the dark sewers, Bert explains that he and his companions (a pair of dumb looking Nosferatu) have been battling some Setites who have been competing with them for control of the sewer. He then contracts the party to help him kill them. The party, keen on not losing valuable information brokers, accept the mission and promise to return the next night. After this the party splits again, Vadoma with Kazimir, Adam with Brian, and Alex right on back to his domain, to begin the grisly task of putting his most recent captive “to use”.

Vadoma and Kazimir decide to hit a club which Kazimir had previously selected for a possible meeting with either John Braunaw or a representative. Though nobody shows, the pair notice that a group of armed and out of place men are keeping them under surveillance. Not wanting to waste the night, they decide to spend their time in a friendly game of skill, over a gentleman’s bet.

The lovely couple(Adam/Brian), meanwhile, had decided to check out this eccentric Kindred which Vadoma had told them about. However, as they arrived upon the scene, they found not a magic shop, but a comic book store. Not willing to give up the two enter the building and decide to ignore the oblivious cashier and head into the back. There, despite admonishment from Mortimer, Adam crushed a cockroach. Brian discovered Adam’s true identity as a Kindred, and the two discussed the issue. Partway through this conversation, Adam discovered that the roach he had stepped on had completely disappeared and, feeling uncomfortable, the two exited the shop on their way back to the Nozdryov residence.

As our story unfolds, Alexandre the fidgety Tzimisce, Vadoma the sly Ravnos, Brian the technofreak Tremere, and Adam the Malkavian posing as Father Kissenger, are all riding on a bus together on their way to the city of Apoch. Introductions were had, and each vamp experienced their own little vision of crazy. Adam discovered allusions to a group doom. On arrival, the party met up with their 5th member, Kazimir, a Russian, and then, immediately after, meet Elizabeth, a flighty Toreador revealed to have a very destructive Nature. After meeting her, the party was attacked by a group of gang leaders, led by Francisco, who had been chasing Elizabeth. After Francisco left his men to their work, they were almost immediately slaughtered by the party. Alexandre and his posse grabbed a survivor and headed to his Haven while the rest of the party loaded up the bodies onto a van provided by Kazimir and headed to his Haven. After arriving there with no issues, the party had a brief talk with the bundle of crazy that is Elizabeth before she left and then discussed the idea of Kazimir providing Haven for his new acquaintances.

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