Terry Johnson

Alexanders body gaurd


Terry is a disfigured brutish looking man. He wears a long heavy trench to try and hide some of the worse deformations and always wears leather gloves. Inside the trench coat he conceals two semi-automatic shotguns and a wooden stake. Before Terry joined Alexs’ numbers he was a small puny garbage man. Until one day he met a beautiful woman named Roxxane at a bar who introduced him to the dark world of vampires. Alexander made promised of making him who he was destined to be; not what society was forcing onto him. Time passed and Alexs skill in Vicissitude increased and so thusly Terrys physical prowess increased as well. During the attack on Morag Tong Terry showed extreme devotion and did everything he could to keep Alexander safe. This earned him the right to become Alexs personal body guard and sample his vitae.

He was killed by Matthew


Terry Johnson

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