Patches the Hellhound

Alexanders faithful gaurd dog


Patches was Alexanders first ghoul. A gift from his sire. As Alexander lived his unlife growing and learning Patches was always at his side protecting him and making an eager test subject. Eventually leading to him having immense strength. Enough to throw a car or rip open a small building. Then Elsa attacked. Patches when into a frenzious rage trying to destroy the danger to his beloved master, however Alex knowing that Elsa’s power could rival and perhaps surpass his sires he redirected the hounds rage and managed to restrain Patches. Moving to the new city was tough of Patches the hell hound. He was a very territorial being, and quickly acclimated to his new home protecting it from any danger he found on it.

Died fighting off the police invading his masters domain. Taking an impressive number of them down with him until the SWAT team unloaded several automatic weapons into him


Patches the Hellhound

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