Alexander Almond

The very best, or so he thinks.


Alex was embraced by Timothy Isaac Melbourne. Once embraced Alex quickly acclimated, and fed or experimented on all of his previous “superiors”. A select few became the first of his follower. Followers of Morag Tong. The rest died in Alexs’ rage. As time progress Alex claim more followers and began constructing what was beginning to become a powerful cult. However unbeknownst to Alexander another vampire had been planning to embrace him, Elsa. Seeing the success of one whom she had once planned on claiming she lashes out attacking his organization in a surprising assault. Morag Tong was decimated. There were only seven survivors. Alexander, his dog, Roxxane Moore his right hand, and four followers one of whom, Terry Johnson, becomes his personal body guard. Alex wanting to make a quick recovery send Roxxane, the three survivors, and the dog to protect her forward to the city of Apoch Canada to begin staking claims for him as he and Terry his new body guard stay behind in an attempt to recover anything that can be salvaged and attempt to throw Elsa off the trail of his true plan.


*6 feet tall
*Slightly under average weight
*White male
*Green eyes, brown hair, highly attractive
*American nationality
*Appears to be 27 while actually being 57
*His most pronounced physical feat would be his speed
*Him most pronounced social aspect would be his appearance
*His most pronounced mental aspect would be his intellect

*Full duster trench coat CLASS 2 ARMOR
*High end clothing
*Leather gloves
*Magnification glasses
*Throwing knives crafted from bone x10
*Nick nacks and dodads

Alexander Almond

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