Alternatively a pleasant yet persuasive priest, or a prophetic malkavian


Father Adam Kissinger is a young man on a passionate mission from God. While in seminary, Adam discovered the dark secret of the world: the existence of horrifically powerful supernatural beings and their terrifying shadowplay that ran underneath society as he knew it. He had breached the Masquerade. However, he soon found that this new world was not black and white, but filled with shades of grey and red; that not all “monsters” were Monsters, and that God’s grace springs eternal, allowing him both a share of supernatural power, and the opportunity to use it for the greater glory of God and the Heavenly Host.

A pleasant, charming young priest, always ready to lend a hand. Standing a thin 5’ 10”, the mid-twentysomething keeps his dirty blond hair smartly combed back. He’s claimed a sickly disposition to explain his pale features. A thin lipped mouth frequently broken by a welcoming grin, an unremarkable nose, and a face generally considered plain, but pleasant. His most striking feature is a pair of piercing green eyes behind small, unassuming glasses. Commonly dressed in the simple black pants, long-sleeved shirt, jacket and collar of a catholic priest. He commonly carries a book in one hand or, when traveling, a small leather doctor’s bag. His only personal affectation is a small, mirror faced watch that he wears on his left wrist.

Adam Davies, on the other hand, is a megalomaniacal seer with a headful of crazy and a knife in his pocket. A vampire embraced sometime in the mid sixties, he’s spent some time walking the earth, learning about the Jihad and his new undead brethren, and relearning about surface society. He befriended a russian businessman (to use), pissed off a clan of incestuous necromancers (also vampires), and has now made his way to Canada, pursuing power and knowledge. His charms he uses to bend others to his own agenda, or to pursue amusements, such as masquerading as a human priest.

A child of Malkav who looks the part. Conservatively dressed (at least, compared to some Malkavians) in short sleeved blue button up, suit pants and a black overcoat. (the trilby is optional, depending on the occasion; the steel-toe boots and leather belt with a bat-shaped belt buckle are not). His short dirty blonde hair tends to always be mildly disheveled, and a scant growth of facial hair tinges his otherwise pallid skin. Although some might describe him as basically good looking, any attractive effect of his young, later twenties features is marred by staring green eyes, searching hands, and an unnerving toothy grin. Standing a couple inches shy of six feet and thin, while not imposing physically he gives an aura of… edginess. Particularly when the moon is full. When traveling he carries a small leather medical bag with his personal effects, and he never goes anywhere without his mirror faced watch he habitually wears on his right wrist.


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