My Little Masquerade: Friendship is [Blood] Magic

Sewer Troubles

The next night the party embarks to the sewers. The Nosferatu go one way, and the party go another. After a while of walking down the tunnel, the party is ambushed by a lone Setite soldier.The party swiftly defeats this soldier, however before the final blow can be struck, they are all greeted via intercom by the leader of the Setites, calling herself Neith. After refusing to meet the party at a later time on common ground, insisting that they deal with the issue then and there, Adam becomes impatient and promptly executes the Setite. Neith then bids them farewell and the Setite’s body explodes, followed by the tunnel ceiling. After the dust clears, Kazimir, Adam, Vadoma and Brian end up on the side of the cave in toward their objective, while Alex and his Ghoul Terry, whom had accompanied him, ended up toward the exit.

Alex and Terry headed back the way they came in order to exit the sewers, but Alex found that the tunnels had somehow changed. After following the new path deeper into the sewers, the pair find themselves ambushed by the very same Nosferatu they were supposed to be fighting for, using Obtenebration. A breif struggle broke out, however in the end Alex was staked.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party had found trouble in three Setites. Though the battle was fierce, in the end all but one Setite remained to challenge the party. This unfortunate soul however found himself split by the force of Kazimir’s blow so powerful it broke stone, and disabled the explosive hidden within. After such an impressive display, Neith returned to agree to their offer of a meeting, and so they have one 3 days from then.

Finally leaving the sewers, those of the party still left set off to see to their own machinations, with varying degrees of success.



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