My Little Masquerade: Friendship is [Blood] Magic

Of Comics and Creeps

On the second night within Apoch, our lovable bunch of monsters go their separate ways to attend to businesses of their own. Adam and Brian go off in search of their errant acquaintance, Alex, in the hopes that they might call upon him for a potential mission. Using his Eyes of Chaos, Adam takes the lead.

Meanwhile, Kazimir and Vadoma attempted to acquire zoning rights for Vadoma’s magic shop, but find that the city already possessed an exclusive contract with another. Upon arriving at said shop, they meet the owner, an extremely eccentric Kindred who seems to know a lot of secrets about the city and, in fact, Vadoma herself and would be willing to trade such knowledge. All she would need is three items….

Finally, Adam’s Eyes of Chaos lead the duo to a particular street just as Alex himself emerges after depositing his most recent captive after feeding on the poor chap. At that same moment an explosion is heard from below, gathering everyone’s attention. Before the group move to investigate a smoking manhole and muffles curses, Vadoma arrives on the scene to aid them and after a near scuffle, the party discover that a Nosferatu awaited them within the sewers. This Nosferatu, Bert, was attempting to disarm some explosives set to kill him and his companions. Jumping at the opportunity, Brian quickly disarms them. Just as Kazimir arrives within the dark sewers, Bert explains that he and his companions (a pair of dumb looking Nosferatu) have been battling some Setites who have been competing with them for control of the sewer. He then contracts the party to help him kill them. The party, keen on not losing valuable information brokers, accept the mission and promise to return the next night. After this the party splits again, Vadoma with Kazimir, Adam with Brian, and Alex right on back to his domain, to begin the grisly task of putting his most recent captive “to use”.

Vadoma and Kazimir decide to hit a club which Kazimir had previously selected for a possible meeting with either John Braunaw or a representative. Though nobody shows, the pair notice that a group of armed and out of place men are keeping them under surveillance. Not wanting to waste the night, they decide to spend their time in a friendly game of skill, over a gentleman’s bet.

The lovely couple(Adam/Brian), meanwhile, had decided to check out this eccentric Kindred which Vadoma had told them about. However, as they arrived upon the scene, they found not a magic shop, but a comic book store. Not willing to give up the two enter the building and decide to ignore the oblivious cashier and head into the back. There, despite admonishment from Mortimer, Adam crushed a cockroach. Brian discovered Adam’s true identity as a Kindred, and the two discussed the issue. Partway through this conversation, Adam discovered that the roach he had stepped on had completely disappeared and, feeling uncomfortable, the two exited the shop on their way back to the Nozdryov residence.



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