My Little Masquerade: Friendship is [Blood] Magic

Musings of a Small Mind #2

Ever notice how OBSESSED the Ventrue are with weakness? Ok bear with me now. Firstly, the Ventrue are primarily involved in political and financial manipulations and plans involving Kine. They do this by use of Dominate, Presence, and their own skills in subterfuge. Their own power is the power of the weakest of the humanoid species! Oh and Dominate? Can only be used on those of higher generation. Only on the weakest. Presence? Used to cow the weak into your thrall. Their only other Discipline is Fortitude, which counteracts the entire kindred species’ weakness to fire and sunlight. It seems less like these guys are petty businessmen and politicians and more like they’re shepherds, herding the weak. Might sound like a fluffing of titles, whatever, but it does call in to question: If the Ventrue clans are shepherds of the weak, then what does that say about their antediluvian?



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