My Little Masquerade: Friendship is [Blood] Magic

Musings of a Small Mind #1

One has to wonder why the Lasombra are the only ones to make use of the darkness in a more literal way. Never mind the ACTUAL applications of Obtenebration, how did the other clans not immediately pick it up for it’s POTENTIAL? I mean, sunlight is the most deadly thing to the kindred right? How did these guys not immediately think “Hmmm control darkness? The thing that hides me from firey death? Yeah, i can see that being useful.”? And yes yes, you could say things like, lack of comunication rendered Obtenebration largely unknown for centuries, or that the other clans were too pridefull to ask for a hand. God knows i could believe that last one, but in that case why the fuck weren’t they THEMSELVES developing it? Or at least something close to it. How in the hells did the greatest predators of the night fail to learn to control darkness?



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