My Little Masquerade: Friendship is [Blood] Magic


As our story unfolds, Alexandre the fidgety Tzimisce, Vadoma the sly Ravnos, Brian the technofreak Tremere, and Adam the Malkavian posing as Father Kissenger, are all riding on a bus together on their way to the city of Apoch. Introductions were had, and each vamp experienced their own little vision of crazy. Adam discovered allusions to a group doom. On arrival, the party met up with their 5th member, Kazimir, a Russian, and then, immediately after, meet Elizabeth, a flighty Toreador revealed to have a very destructive Nature. After meeting her, the party was attacked by a group of gang leaders, led by Francisco, who had been chasing Elizabeth. After Francisco left his men to their work, they were almost immediately slaughtered by the party. Alexandre and his posse grabbed a survivor and headed to his Haven while the rest of the party loaded up the bodies onto a van provided by Kazimir and headed to his Haven. After arriving there with no issues, the party had a brief talk with the bundle of crazy that is Elizabeth before she left and then discussed the idea of Kazimir providing Haven for his new acquaintances.



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